Swords & Scythes

Firstly, the worldbuilding is unique, exceptional and clearly detailed and the descriptions were sensational, vivid and clear... 


You have created marvelously memorable characters and villains, showed superb worldbuilding skills and maintained an exceptionally high writing quality and I believe these factors will make this particular story stand out from the other stories in the genre...for its brilliant story, strong female protagonist and memorable villains.

Rick N., Author

Jules casts a spell on the reader, conjuring an immersive, richly imagined magical world though the power of her description. This writer is a sorcerer in her own right!

Ruth T.

I would hands down give this 5 stars. I love the way its written...I ​love​ the characters in this story.... the characters are unique and relatable, the world is interesting, and the plot is captivating.

Nancy N.

Every good story you read comes to an end, but you don't want it to.  Every good story has characters that you can empathize with, that surprise you, that grow. Every good story creates a world you can walk in.  Francis is that character, The Wizard's Ward is that story. Francis does not know who she is, where she came from, what her powers are, or what they are capable of. She does know that when her guardian disappears she must find  him and let him know how grateful she is for his care, protection, and mentoring.  On the journey to find her guardian, Francis  discovers love, betrayal, companionship, inner strength, and the price of using her power.  But who is she, really, what is her real destiny?  Francis' world is one of magic, elves,  witches, dragons, and many other fantastic creatures, but more importantly it is a world we can relate to, a world of caste systems, war, jealousy, greed, love, loyalty, hope.  Can't wait to find out what happen next.


The Wizard’s Ward is a captivating page turner that has it all - love, loss, war, politics, power, and magic. Francis is a wonderfully complex, yet relatable, heroine who takes us on a journey of extraordinary circumstances. The superb world building, along with beautifully flawed characters - who you’ll hate to love and love to hate - provide an incredible escape as you’re transported to the land of Vale.


The Wizard's Ward is an extraordinary read. It enfolds you immediately in a richly-imagined fantasy world full of captivating characters, all centering on the Wizard's Ward, a young woman whose world is upended by the disappearance of the wizard who has raised her from a baby -- and disturbing secrets about her own past, and future. It touches on beloved elements of fantasy, but always with a twist. In this story, the dragons are powerful but also vulnerable, pirates may prove to be more than meets the eye, and the handsome prince is far more complex than the fairytale versions we've grown up with. A gripping read that catches you from the first line, with thrills, beauty, and adventure on every page.