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Hello, I'm Jules.

My story doesn't start with me, but with my grandmother who migrated from Linares, Mexico to Houston, Texas as a teenager. She was a confident woman, full of flavor, who would turn the heads of both men and women alike whenever she walked into a room. Her name was Anjelica.

After WWII, she bought a liquor store next to an Air Force Base in Texas, which made her one of the first female business owners in the area and also where she met my grandfather who had returned from serving abroad. 


Scrambled eggs with Pace, doused in Tabasco sauce with a side of frijoles, were the first soft foods that my Grandmother fed me while my single mother was away at work.  She instilled confidence, independence, and flash in my mother, which was later passed down to me. 


And then there is my mother, but that is a story for another time. 

At the age of six,

I was adopted by my mother's new husband and the three of us moved to Portland, OR to start a new chapter of our lives together. We never discussed my biological father or his family because my mom simply didn't like to talk about it.  


Years passed and the new millennium started, then 9-11, American Idol, failed family businesses, housing market crash, Harry Potter, bankruptcy, Victoria Secret's Angels, High School graduation, divorce, and then came the recession. Each of these things significantly shaped my life. 


In the summer of 2008 at the age of 19, I traveled through Texas in search of my biological family-The people I had gone so long without knowing.


I sat on a greyhound bus with a single backpack stuffed with summer dresses, toiletries,
Pride and Prejudice, and a notebook.

At some point during that 20-hour long bus ride, after I had finished arguably the best of Jane Austin, I cracked open my notebook and the story of Vale was conceived. 


As the years passed, I continued to chip away at it. While on the set of a fantasy T.V. series, my first "real job", I would sit in the back corner and write while the camera was rolling. Whenever I had time to spare I would keep writing, and this story became my escape.

Now, over ten years later,

I’m a Creative Producer, that works on digital, physical, and video pieces in the advertising space. I live in Portland, OR with my husband, our baby, and golden retriever in an early 1900's house that we've been restoring ourselves. And now, I'm finally ready to share this work that I've kept so close to my heart for so long with the rest of the world. 


I hope you enjoy it.


My Favorites



Favorite TV:  There are so many… But top five would be Stranger Things,  GOT (minus the final season), Yellowstone,  Pose, and my guilty pleasure -  the ABC Bachelor Franchise 





Favorite Snack: Does wine count? I love chips, like all chips. I also love cheese. But really, I’ll snack on basically anything that is around the house. 

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Favorites Podcast: The Daily, The Journal, Goal Digger, Off the Vine Grape Therapy, and Claima - Stories with Bimma. 

Favorite Music: Ariana Grande, all day every day. Luckily my husband has a well-rounded taste in music and he curates playlists for me.